Cash Account

All goods must be paid in full by either:

  1. Electronic funds transfer to our account or cash deposit before goods will be dispatched.
  2. Credit Card. A 2% surcharge will be charged on all credit card payments.

Trading Account

30 days credit facility, all invoices due and payable 30 days from invoice date.


  1. First order placed will be paid for on cash account basis (see above) 2. Trading terms or accounts may be negotiated after a period of trading, depending on trading volume and payment history.


  1. All purchases on any Trade Credit Facility offered by Paws Land are subject to Paws Land’s Terms and Conditions of Sale (on condition that, should any change be made to those Terms and Conditions of Sale which are unacceptable to puchaser, purchasers are at liberty to terminate the Trade Credit Facility and repay all outstanding amounts owed to Paws Land Pty Ltd in accordance with the prior Terms and Conditions of Sale.)
  2. All products purchased on any Trade Credit Facility offered to customers by Paws Land Pty Ltd shall remain the sole and absolute property of Paws Land Pty Ltd as legal and beneficial owner, and the property in and title to any products purchased shall not pass from Paws Land Pty Ltd to customers until Paws Land has been paid in full for all products purchased.
  3. Failure to comply with Paws Land Pty Ltd ’s Terms and Conditions of Sale may result in suspension of deliveries without notice and which may incur service fees on any overdue account balance.
  4. The Customer agrees to also pay the costs and expenses incurred in respect of any enforcement or recovery of either the monies owing by the customer or repossession of the goods.
  5. Interest of 10% per annum will be charged on overdue accounts from the due date for payment until payment is made in full.


  1. All goods should be checked on arrival. Any discrepancies should be notified to us within 48 hours of receipt of goods, otherwise claims might not be recognized.
  2. No credit claim will be investigated unless the claim is supported by the relevant invoice number.
  3. No goods shall be accepted for return unless authorised by a representative of our company. Our drivers cannot accept goods for return unless prior arrangements have been made.
  4. Goods may not be accepted for credit in a damaged or defaced condition that is other than a fault in manufacture or the fault of Paws Land Pty Ltd.


All goods that carry a warranty of guarantee of the manufacturer or agent shall be credited or exchanged only when so agreed to by that manufacturer or agent.


Goods that are temporarily out of stock at the time of dispatch of orders will not be placed on backorder unless specifically requested by the customer.


  1. All prices quoted are exclusive of Goods and Services Tax (GST), and where applicable will be charged in accordance with GST Legislation.
  2. Paws Land Pty Ltd preserves the right to alter prices without notification.


Paws land reserves the right to charge extra for shipping to remote or rural areas.

Paws land shall not be liable for any inaccuracy of delivery information provided in relation to address and operation time.